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Emotional Connection Improves Sexual Satisfaction

It is difficult to get in the mood when you are angry or resentful toward your partner. Increasing sexual satisfaction starts with friendship. As a Gottman trained therapist, I can help you to get the love you want from your partner and feel emotionally connected again.

The Gottmans found, through years of research, that if you actually like your partner, you are more likely to engage in meaningful and enjoyable sex. This starts outside of the bedroom in ways like laughing together, sharing goals and values, and being playful or flirty. Even more importantly being best friends means talking about vulnerable emotions and supporting each other through challenges.

Many couples struggle to find time for date nights or focused attention on one another. With jobs, school, children, and managing a home, it makes sense that it feels like there is no time in the day for your partner, let alone sex. Carrying all of the mental load can be exhausting. Couples who prioritize their romance and friendship above all else have longer lasting relationships and better sex. Sometimes you need a little guidance along the way, and I can help you with that.

If you have been feeling like you and your partner get into repetitive arguments, you lack communication skills, and you've become more like roommates rather than lovers, reach out to me. We can talk about ways to improve your relationship and get you the love and sexual connection you deserve.


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